Male and Female Fertility Assessment

The Physical and Mental Wellness having been taken care of, we move on to identifying male and female related reproductive symptoms that can be diagnosed and cured by proper medication, thus avoiding Invasive clinical or surgical procedure. Medication can be woman Centric (Ovulation or Egg focused) or Man Centric (focused on Sperm that is produced by a man during ejaculation).

What is Fertility?

A man produces semen or sperm and a woman produces egg (or Oozyte). When the sperm penetrates into the egg (during intercourse), the egg fertilizes to become an embryo (a living cell) which gets deposited on the lining of the uterus for the cell to grow. The woman is said to be pregnant.

There are three essential elements to Fertility: Egg, Sperm and the Environment.


A Egg

A genetically normal egg - an abundant supply helps!


Plenty of robust, swimming, properly formed sperm


An accessible, healthy environment for fertilization and pregnancy

A Fertility specialist understands the interplay of these three elements and supports the couples to make Fertility happen.

Each person is unique mentally and physically. He or she needs an individual approach. What suits one may not be the best for the other.

At PSFC, we recognize this fact. We do not generalize and categorise our patients. We do not make any assumptions. We look for information and data (based on diagnostic tests) as to why they are not conceiving and choose the specific treatment option that yields best results. Without wasting time or money. That sets us apart from other Fertility Centres. Why choose PSFC?

Every fertility treatment does not need IVF. Nor does it start with IUI or IVF. Sometimes, a basic correction in the body is good enough. Intervention in dietary habits, body and mind exercises and positive spirit alone can achieve the results. We therefore recommend Fertility Wellness as the first step to Fertility Treatment.

It's no more a Dream.

Parenthood Made Possible

What is Fertility Assesment and How is it Done?

Fertility assessment evaluates reproductive potential. It includes medical history, physical exam, hormone testing, and imaging tests like ultrasound. It helps identify any potential fertility issues and provides information for treatment options.

Can men also undergo fertility assessment?

Yes, men can undergo fertility assessment. A fertility assessment for men usually involves a semen analysis to evaluate sperm count, motility, and morphology. It is important for both partners to be assessed when experiencing fertility issues.

How long does a fertility assessment take?

The length of a fertility assessment varies but typically takes several weeks to a few months, depending on the specific tests and procedures involved.

Can fertility assessment help with infertility treatment?

Yes, fertility assessment can help identify potential causes of infertility and guide personalized treatment options, increasing the chances of success.

Is fertility assessment only for couples struggling to conceive?

No, fertility assessment is not just for couples struggling to conceive. It can also be useful for individuals who want to plan their future fertility.