What is Fertility Assessment, and How is it Done?

A fertility assessment concerns evaluating the women's hormonal levels, fallopian tubes, uterine cavity, and ovaries. For the men, it starts with a semen analysis; further tests may sometimes be required. Pearl Singapore fertility centre considers it as a leading male and female fertility assessment that helps in bringing the passion for parenthood.

Four steps involved in fertility assessment;

Setting a goal


Medical history


Physical examination


Blood testing

Who needs Fertility Assessment?

A woman should consider fertility testing if she has been actively trying to get pregnant by having unprotected intercourse regularly with her partner for over a year. In addition, if a woman is 35 or older, it’s time to consider fertility testing when trying to get pregnant. 

  • Benefits
  • A reproductive endocrinologist assesses various factors and determines why the person has fertility issues.
  • A fertility assessment could always be correct and give you an idea of what contributes to your infertility, but this will never be as accurate as a blood test.
  • The tests are reliable and valid and provide more information about your fertility.
  • Fertility Assessment Packages

What’s more important than a fertility assessment?