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We want you to know that you are not alone. One out of every 7 couple face infertility related issues. We at PSFC bring our expertise and care to support you. We know the happiness and pleasure that parenthood can bring to you. Call us today and commence a wonderful journey.

    Fertility Centre in Chennai

    Why Choose PSFC ?


    Personal attention by the Fertility Specialists


    Our success rate @ 72% is amongst the highest in the industry


    Sophisticated and modern IVF technology using Artificial Intelligence, Laser and Blastocyst techniques


    Highly ethical practice


    Affordable Fertility Treatment with easy payment options


    Caring and smiling support staff

    Cutting Edge technology

    Adopting AI within the fertility

    The field of Infertility treatment is gaining maximum research to explore “other unknown causes of infertility”. New techniques and technologies are being continuously developed to ensure you have the best possible chance of a healthy pregnancy. At PSFC, we are the early adopters of these technologies by investing in equipment and skill development and we have expertise in providing services based on innovative technologies with leading evidence of maximizing outcomes.

    Our Doctors Are High-Level Professionals

    Offering Latest & Safest treatments with advanced technologies.
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    Our success story

    I feel very happy to be getting treatment with Dr. Chitra mam. She gave me confidence before starting treatment and takes care of me very well. All the sisters in the hospital are also treating patients in a good way.

    Kavitha V

    Based on online ratings We have visited Dr. Uma Ramesh Pearl Singapore Fertility hospital on September 2021 assuming I am pregnant based on Strip test. Unfortunately, it ended up as Ectopic pregnancy. Doctor suggested for immediate laparoscopy considering
    criticality and we agreed for the same. Laproscopy completed successfully. After surgery we got pregnant within two months because of her simple medical advise and guidance. Dr. Uma Ramesh is such an experienced, professional and cool doctor to consult. She won’t create unnecessary panic situations instead she will handle critical conditions with ease. Thank you so much Dr. Uma Ramesh on behalf of my familyThanks and much appreciated to all efforts from staffs

    vaishnavi k

    Extremely happy with the treatment and care we received from Dr. Chithra Shankar and all the nurses and staff of PFSC. All are very friendly and dedicated to the work they are doing that we feel at peace. We got to know about the hospital with the reviews and gave a call to the receptionist, Sis Thaj, who was very understanding of our situation and guided us well that we immediately felt this was a clinic with a difference and from then on our beautiful journey began. We are expecting our baby and extremely thrilled and happy. I would sincerely recommend this clinic to anyone who’s searching for a fertility clinic. The doctors are very experienced and they treat patients with care and based on their medical history.


    First of all a big thank to Management very much satisfied with service Right from our doctor, staffs, all Nurses and Pharmacy staff. Dr. Chithra Mam approaches patients in a very good manner and was very kind and answers all our queries with patiency and finally she made us happy and we got positive results

    murali murali

    Dr. Chitra Shankar is highly knowledgeable, experienced, ethical, passionate and sincere about her profession. She does her best to make everything happen naturally. We are glad to have chosen Pearl Singapore Clinic. The medical cost is reasonable. Management is not money minded. The nurses are sincere, diligent and kind. Thank you for running this hospital with so much ethics and values.

    Mani G

    I am 35years, married for 14 years.we went to many hospitals and temple for a baby.very much worried for a baby. taken homeopathy treatment also we went for ivf treatment in Tamara hospital (Bangalore).we spend so much of money, but no result. At last I came to Dr.Uma Ramesh. Mam gave so much support and positive energy. I done my embryo transfer and I got positive result. Regarding my experience and emotions.I can’t explain in the words.there is no words for my happiness. My mother gave birth to me and Dr. Uma Ramesh mam gave life to my baby. Now family members also very happy.I took my anomaly Scan recently, it was good. I am posting my review became most of the women will get recover from infertility problems. Dr.Uma Ramesh mam will solve all women’s problems. Thanks to all staffs of pearl Singapore fertility centre and Dr. Uma Ramesh mam.

    Viji Viji

    I have been in treatment with Doctor Chitra Shankar, I can say She is not only the expert in her profession but she is having angel like behaviour with the patient! Thanks a lot Mam for everything which you have done so far for us, to get a positive report !!
    She makes us comfortable first before treatment and she will take every patient as a separate challenge which is very rare in the corporate world where everything be came money! I was struggling with so many doctors for my treatment and met 50+ doctors and cannot say they all are not expert, but can say they don’t show the agility to support with any extent which Dr Chitra shows!! The best things she is always cool and maintain the relationship with patients due to which we can


    Dr.Umaramesh mam is the best Gynecologist in Chennai. Two years back we met mam for me and my wife. We explained our issues and mam treated us in a very positive way. We won’t recieve much information from mam but trust her at end you will be fine with the positive results.

    Govind raj

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    Fertility Centre in Chennai
    Fertility Centre in Chennai
    Fertility Clinic in Chennai
    Fertility Centre in Chennai
    Fertility Clinic in Chennai
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