IVF Treatment in Chennai

Types of Treatment

The three main approaches to IVF involve various methods, it contains no drugs or fewer drugs, which is part of the treatment, and that's why we are the advanced fertility centre.

Natural IVF

Natural cycle IVF is a very similar treatment to traditional or stimulated IVF. The identical difference between traditional and natural IVF is that natural cycle IVF does not require drugs to stimulate the ovaries to generate a generous number of eggs. 

In natural IVF, if any medications are needed, the prescribed amount is low; 3-4 days’ worth of drugs is enough. The rest of the procedure is similar to standard IVF 

Mild IVF

Mild Stimulation is quite similar to natural IVF, but the difference that has been shared between each of them would be the number of fertility injections and drugs given.
In mild stimulation, fertility drugs consume smaller doses for a short period to avoid the risk of associated side effects.

Mild stimulation aims to create less than 8-10 perfect-quality eggs that contribute positively, resulting in a successful pregnancy. 

In Vitro Maturation (IVM)

In vitro maturation is a reproductive technology in which the woman’s eggs are retrieved before they enter the development stage. First, the eggs will be grown in a lab using a medium containing trace quantities of hormones; it is intracytoplasmic sperm injection, where it matures fertilized eggs manually. Finally, the embryos are transplanted into a woman’s womb once they get into the mature stage.

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IVF treatment steps and procedures

When you think about fertility treatment, IVF treatment in Chennai always comes to the top. It has been one of the oldest fertility treatment methods, taking care of childless couples with hope.

There are a few procedures and steps that happen before and after IVF.

The primary five steps involved in the process of In-vitro fertilization 

  • Boosting your egg production by superovulation
  • Removing the eggs
  • Collecting sperm from the donor or partner
  • Uniting the sperm and egg
  • Transferring the embryo into the uterus

Our success story

A huge thanks to all the doctors undergoing treatment for the past 5 years. But I did not get any satisfactory results. But, after consulting, I had good hope, which helped me conceive with the 1st IVF treatment. Myself and my husband followed the lifestyle my consulting doctor taught us. All the staff and nurses were kind to us and helped us achieve our dream. Thanks to Pearl Singapore fertility centre.


We are here for IVF treatment. I am sure and honest to say this is the best hospital for successful IVF treatment. Thank you, doctors, for giving us the best treatment.


Words cannot express our gratitude! Everyone has been simply amazing throughout our IVF journey. You made a tough, stressful time much better, made us feel comfortable, and gave us hope. We believe God worked through you all to give us our little miracle! We cannot thank you enough for what you all do and will forever be grateful to everyone! He is such a blessing and has brought us such joy!


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