Our success story

PSFC is the best hospital for fertility treatment. The staff and doctors in the hospital are very friendly to the patients. I am satisfied with the treatment given here. We got a successful outcome by delivering a healthy baby now. I am very thankful to all doctors and staff at PSFC who made my treatment journey more reflective. Simply super!!


My husband and I planned for IVF and went to the hospital; they gave us hope for trying the IUI method. We had no hope for success because we had previously undergone the IUI method in other hospitals four times and failed. At PSFC, I got my pregnancy result as positive in my second IUI. I believed in their words, trusted and followed their instructions carefully. A special thanks to all the doctors and staff who have been amazing people who treated us appropriately.


We are expressing our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated Doctor Uma Ramesh for her incredible knowledge and expertise, and guidance in treating her patients in such a way that creates tons of hope in the journey of conception. We also express our sincere thanks to the nurses who are providing us their support in this journey. Thanks once again mam, for bringing us an amazing and joyful moment in our life.

D Umamageswari Sitaraman