Fertility Preservation Questions

What is fertility preservation?

There are two essential constituents to fertility – sperm and the egg. The fusion of the same results in an embryo. All three of them can be frozen and preserved for future pregnancy.

When is fertility preservation recommended?

Preserving a woman’s fertility consists of freezing her eggs at an age where they still have good potential to achieve a pregnancy.

Fertility preservation in women is recommended in the following cases:

  • When a woman wishes to postpone childbearing.
  • When a woman will receive treatment which may affect her reproductive potential.

Fertility preservation of a man through sperm freezing is recommended when his sperm count is low or poor (which can deteriorate with age) or when he is expected to go through treatments such as cancer.

Fertility preservation of embryo is recommended when the commissioning couple decide to postpone their conception due to career, education, travel, health issues etc..

Why should my sperm be frozen?

Semen cryopreservation is a very useful technique when fertility is affected (for example in cancer treatments or surgeries that compromise the functionality of the male reproductive system), or when paternity needs to be deferred.

Why is it useful?

With this technique you will be able to freeze your semen to be used in the future, when you consider that it is the right time. The laboratory in charge will give you the instructions for the collection of the sample in order to ensure its viability after thawing.

What does it consist in?

The technique uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the semen. Lowering the temperature reduces the sperm’s mobility (but it is never lost), allowing its preservation for long periods of time.

What does it consist in?

How long can my sperm be frozen?

The time during which the sample is cryopreserved does not influence sperm quality, therefore, we can have the samples frozen for as long as it is needed. There are known cases of samples that had been frozen for up to 22 years that have managed to lead to pregnancy, without causing any consequence for the offspring.

In short, you can have the sample frozen for as long as it is needed without decreasing sperm’s quality or causing any other problems.

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