10 Natural Ways to Balance Your Hormones


The most important messenger in the body that helps send messages and alerts. Various hormones are present in our body, each responsible for its assigned duties.
It is a chemical in the human body that coordinates with different functions through blood, skin, tissue and more. It helps in giving signals to the body on what to do and when to do it.

Scientists have proven that, moreover, there are 50 hormones present in our bodies. They are responsible for a healthy and thorough life. But we are in the 21st century where everything has become Western and sedentary lifestyle habits.

Due to consequential habits, we tend to experience many illnesses and diseases that result in bad ends. Therefore, to avoid all these issues, it is our responsibility to keep the self staying healthy.

But do you know how to make them and their impact value? There are 10 ways to balance hormones naturally without getting anything done by including 8 Foods that Help with Hormonal Balance.

Let’s discuss it below to get that balance of hormones naturally!

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Make an alert on sugar intake
  3. Manage your sleeping timetable
  4. Take enough protein in your diet
  5. Maintain balance weight
  6. Increase your gut health
  7. Reduce stress factors
  8. Consume Healthy Fat-Based Food On Your List
  9. Include high fibre in your diet
  10. Move your body regularly
  11. Supplementary
  12. Top 10 daily tips to concentrate for hormonal health
  13. Conclusion

    1. Make an Alert on Sugar Intake

Eating sweetened foods might be excellent and make you crave more, but do you know the fact behind that?

Avoiding sugar will be one of the wise decisions to make in keeping a happy and leading life. Of course, it is hard to avoid if a person has a sweet craving, but once you start cutting down, it shows results rapidly.

Also, large amounts of sugar result in getting harmful diseases like diabetes, obesity, and many others.

Sugar-focused drinks are primarily available in the market; they are carbonated and highly sweetened infused. In addition, fructose has commonly found in soft drinks, fruit juice, and energy drinks.

While fructose is undoubtedly unhealthy, its health effects are controversial. Table sugars, fructose corn syrup, and honey are not the only type of sugar. Usually, people avoid only specific types of sugar and think others fall in the healthy category, but it is not. Try excluding all of them to keep the Insulin and metabolism in the correct phase.

Fact: Did you know that Vitamin D is a Vitamin and a hormone

2. Manage Your Sleeping Timetable

ways to balance hormones naturally

Have you ever slept on time and woken up on time?

The sleeping pattern gets changed according to your availability and choice. Don’t punish your body by doing these activities. It is essential to lock your sleeping timetable for 7 – 8 hours; without them, it’s impossible to work productively.

Poor sleep patterns link to hormonal imbalance, decreation of insulin secretion, cortisol, and more. Many studies have been conducted to know the effect of hormone decrease due to sleep patterns, and the results were 100% accurate.

There are five stages in the sleep cycle. To attain all that, it is essential to get uninterrupted sleep. When we go through interrupted sleep, many struggles happen for both mental and physical health, so clock 7 – 8 hours of sleep to balance your hormone levels.

Facts: Testosterone is vital for women, and estrogen is likely essential for men.

3. Take Enough Protein in Your Diet

Every human body needs its protein to balance the body along with hormones.

6 reasons why consuming enough protein for your body is fundamental;

Reason 1: Your protein intake influences hormone that influences food appetite and intakes

Reason 2: Many experts have said that taking 20 – 30 gms of protein every day is mandatory.

Reason 3: Consuming enough protein helps to secrete peptide hormones in your body automatically.

Reason 4: Peptide hormones are responsible for many physiological aspects like stress, growth, energy metabolism, appetite and reproduction.

Reason 5: Many researchers have conducted studies and found that enough protein decreases hunger (Ghrelin), produces the hormone that makes your appetite disappear, and settles the stomach.

Reason 6: Protein provides amino acids that any human body cannot excrete.
Many other reasons are still getting confirmed, including the necessary amount of protein in your diet.

Facts 💡: Around 100,000 types of protein are present in the human body, and each of them has a short lifetime – 2 – 3 days.

Did you see the above fact? Now understand why taking proteins daily is essential; eat protein-rich foods and strengthen your hormone capacity.

4. Maintain Balance Weight

ways to balance hormones naturally

Our body weight is directly linked with hormones; too much weight gain results in hormonal imbalance.

Obesity is one of the significant reasons for insulin resistance in lowering down; your body cannot function properly without balanced hormones.

Risks of diabetes are also higher if the body doesn’t meet the necessary goal of it; when the insulin level decreases, there is a higher risk of getting affected by diabetes.

Obesity links with the absence of hormone secretion for the testes and ovaries, which is why maintaining an ideal weight will be helpful. It shows when a person crosses the average weight; border reproduction results in lower secretion of testosterone in men, and women experience a lack of ovulation; they are the primary cause of infertility among many couples.

Facts 💡: Parathyroid hormone from the parathyroid gland plays a significant role in bone health.

5. Increase Your Gut Health

The digestive system has to be adequately maintained to avoid problems like constipation, gas, bloating and heartburn. If you are experiencing these, this may be a sign for you to focus on your gut health and try what can be done to avoid all these.

The bacteria in your digestive system are known as good ones; your gut microbiome makes the insulin level resistant and reduces the appetite.

When the gut is unhealthy, it causes chronic inflammation and hormone reductions. There are a few drawbacks that happen if the gut health is unwell – Lower count in estrogen regulation, insulin resistance, serotonin production and more.

Eating probiotic foods like yoghurt balance hormones naturally and helps maintain your gut health and stay stable for longer.

Studies have stated that obesity affects the gut microbiome, which results in an imbalance in insulin levels and causes inflammation.

Facts 💡: Most of the body’s serotonin depends on gut health.

6. Reduce Stress Factors

Nowadays, it is common for teenagers, adults and every other age group to experience stress-inducing scenarios every day.

It could be in work, school or college; they are getting thrown into these factors and can only throw it out after a while. What will happen if the stress level crosses the limit?

● Cortisol is a stress hormone that helps to cope with your body’s stress rate and helps to respond to it.
● Chronic stress increases cortisol levels, which makes you intake a lot more appetite – increase the sugar intake and always feel hungry.
● High cortisol levels produce glucose from the non-carbohydrates family, which results in insulin resistance.
● To take control of your stress – try meditation, yoga and other stress-related activities to help lower the stress level and make your living healthy.

Facts 💡: Did you know stress and nutrition are correlated; certain types of foods like fibre-based foods, avocados, chocolates, cashews, oats, citrus-based fruits, berries and nuts helps in maintaining stress level with the proper diet.

7. Consume Healthy Fat-Based Food on Your List

ways to balance hormones naturally

Natural fats are present in many healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, grains and pulses.

Our human body has the capacity limit to agree with unhealthy foods; it is our responsibility to monitor what we consume and when to finish. It’s equally important to consume the food right on time, like following a healthy diet.

Medium Chain Triglycerides: MCT is a type of unique fat less likely to be stored in fat tissue. Instead, it gets directly consumed by the liver for energy functions. Also, MCT can provide insulin resistance.

Healthy fat-based foods are available on the go; if you feel hungry or want to take something in, try having fruits, vegetables, or grain-based snacks, which make your appetite go away and make you healthy.

Facts 💡: There are two types of heart-healthy fat – Monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. They both are responsible for lowering inflammation, improving cholesterol and heart rhythm, and also play a significant role in other body functions.

8. Include High Fibre in Your Diet

People know that fibre is a great companion in weight loss and makes the appetite disappear, but does anyone know that fibre helps balance the hormones and increases its strength?

Fibre binds to excess hormones in the body and works to remove them through the colon. However, if you’re not consuming enough fibre, excess hormones can be reabsorbed into your body instead of eliminated, leading to imbalanced levels.

Fibre is also critical in stabilizing blood sugar and insulin levels, which are extremely important for complete hormone health.

In addition, both insoluble and soluble fibre found ways to balance hormones, which is hugely beneficial for Menopause!

Facts 💡: Fibre is found only in plant-based foods like beans, lentils, grains, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

9. Move Your Body Regularly

ways to balance hormones naturally

Your physical activity strongly influences hormonal health. Of course, we all know that regular exercise helps increase blood flow and helps balance hormones.

It increases receptor sensitivity, enhancing the nutrient power to the body and the hormone signals.

Have you ever heard about Insulin? Insulin is a hormone type which takes up sugar from the body and transforms them into energy. If your body doesn’t reciprocate appropriately with this type of hormone, there is a higher risk of diabetes.

To avoid all these problems, it’s mandatory to shape the health of your body by indulging in physical activities; it might be jogging, walking, going to the gym or yoga, but proper exercise is essential.

Being physically active also improves the muscle-maintaining hormones and focuses on that part to increase stamina, which declines with the age-focused hormone type.

Facts 💡: Did you know exercise prevents the signs of ageing?

10. Supplementary

Adapting to herbs, vitamins, and mineral supplements helps the body manage chronic stress, toxin exposure, and inflammation. However, low Vitamins B & D, iron, magnesium, iodine and zinc can lead to a hormonal imbalance.

Vitamin and mineral supplements and a healthy diet can help with nutrient deficiencies and promote a hormonal balance. Finally, herbs improve the stress response and help cope with stressful activities.

Some top adaptogenic herbs for hormone levels are Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Astragalus, Holy Basil, Turmeric and more.

Facts 💡: In the 17th century, lavender was worn around the wrist to protect from the plague.

Top 10 daily tips to concentrate on for hormonal health!

ways to balance hormones naturally

  • Eat half a plate of vegetables in your diet plan daily, including leafy greens, colourful vegetables and sulphur-rich veggies.
  • Fill your plate with a quarter of protein-based food, whether plant-based or meat-based; remember to include them.
  • Include olive oil & coconut oil in the meal instead of other substitutes; they are filled with healthy fats and transfer nutrients into your body.
  • Feed your gut with prebiotics, fibre, and probiotic foods; they are the most suitable for your gut health.
  • Maintain your minimum weight by overeating and doing proper workouts.
  • Avoid eating foods containing artificial hormones, like farm-fed fish, to not confuse the body by producing synthetic interfering hormones.
  • Avoid using toxin products for your household and beauty products; use parabens and fragrance products that do not harm your body’s hormones.
  • Make a good morning and nighttime routine to bring awareness to you, which leads to a healthy life.
Bottom Line

Hormonal imbalance tends to cause various issues, like fatigue, stress, weight gain, digestive problems, inflammation, and more. Although there are numerous ways to improve the hormones naturally, try including all the above steps to have a healthy and disease-free life.

Without hormones, our bodies will never work correctly, so focus on the diet, take a stress-free life, avoid overeating junk, and keep your mind relaxed and nurtured to improve your overall health.

FAQ About Balance of Your Hormones

1. What causes the hormonal imbalance?

A hormonal imbalance can be caused by natural changes or stages in your life, including puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. The levels can also totally decrease after a partial or complete hysterectomy.

2. How can you know for sure about hormonal imbalance?

If you have been suffering from constant symptoms or chronic health issues that take time or won’t go away, it’s time to test your hormone levels that provide the answers to confirm. A simple saliva test can detect hidden hormone imbalances.

3. How to balance hormones naturally?

By including yourself in healthy activities like eating proper food at the right time, exercising regularly, throwing away stress, and living a happy life.



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