5 Things Not To Do While Pregnant

Staying healthy and happy during pregnancy is our most focused task. Eating healthy food, giving a proper break, and maintaining health (both physical and mental) are all needed to focus during this time. Other than that, a few things must be avoided without a second thought.

There are few pregnant women whose bodies tend to accept everything, whereas some cannot. Most people can carry any food and activities, but certain people need the capacity to accept certain things and foods. Therefore, certain items and foods should be avoided for the baby’s development.

Do not have to worry about many complicated rules about what not to do during pregnancy beyond refraining from alcohol and drugs. But, for the most part, you can continue your pre-pregnancy life. But because the health and safety of your growing baby are essential.

By the way, do you know why you need more watermelon in your pregnancy diet?

Let’s share some insights on what to avoid during your pregnancy period


Food is one of the vital parts of this journey; whatever goes into your mouth has to be adequately measured. But remember, there are certain foods that you should avoid during this time.

While pregnant, the mother’s immune system will be deficient due to the baby’s growth inside the womb. In that case, few food items should be avoided.

Unwashed Vegetables & Fruits

Fresh veggies and fruits are great for you and the baby during this time; they have all types of nutrients. But wash it before you intake it.

Be ready to hear the word Toxoplasmosis till the end of the article.

Toxoplasmosis – It is an infection which comes from a parasite. There is a high chance of attracting this infection by having undercooked meat, seafood or not properly washed fruits or veggies.

Suppose you go to a supermarket and buy a bunch of veggies which look fresh. But when you reach home, you haven’t washed your veggies, cooked them thoroughly, and had a nice dinner. Imagine having a chance of getting infected with Toxoplasmosis. There are severe complications for pregnant women with this infection.

To avoid all these, remember to wash your fruits and veggies which you bought fresh from the market.

Undercooked Meat & Raw Seafood

Numerous bacteria and parasites will be gawking in the meat, so it is always a big fat nope. In addition, oysters, mussels, shellfish and undercooked fish will throw you at risk of illness that might affect the growing baby in your womb.

Unpasteurized Dairy Products

We go crazy for imported cheeses like feta, brie, Mexican types of cheese, and other varieties of cheeses will be great unless it is appropriately pasteurized.

Soft cheeses will put you at risk of getting caught in severe bacteria, affecting the pregnancy part at high risk.

Eating pasteurized dairy products, properly cooked meat, and thoroughly washed veggies will bring goodness during this time. However, avoid having unpasteurized dairy products to throw the risk factors in having the sickness.

Daily Chores

Cleaning Pet Litters

Do you remember the term Toxoplasmosis? Well, it’s here again!

Pet litters contain high toxoplasmosis, affecting you and your baby and throwing you at risk. Wear gloves to clean the litter if you don’t have any other option to take care of your pet.

Ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning the litter to avoid contact with the infection.

Gardening With Pesticides

Well, wherever you go, toxoplasmosis is following you, pregnant woman.

Technically you’re allowed to do gardening during this time, but you’ll get easily affected by toxoplasmosis. If you’re gardening, wear your gloves to avoid touching the sand. Say no to ‘pesticides’ because, according to the reports, pesticide exposure may lead to problems like miscarriage or effects on fetal’s whole development issues.

Cleaning Supplies

Have you ever cleaned your shower with harsh chemicals that made you nauseous or heavy-headed? Then it is a sign to stop doing that.

These harsh chemicals include bleaching powder or combining chemicals like ammonia and bleach, making breathing a tough job. Do not take such kinds of risks during your pregnancy journey.

Make sure you double-check whether the area is ventilated; if it is not appropriately ventilated, try to seek help.



Let us clarify one thing here: end the myth of ‘’ do not drink coffee during pregnancy ‘’.

Are you drinking coffee three times a day or four times a day? There is no harm in having coffee during pregnancy time. But it must be on a limit because too much caffeine in your body has a lot of risks.

Studies have proven that a high intake of caffeine might lead to miscarriage. Caffeine is not only present in coffee; we can find it in energy drinks, chocolate, chewing gums, green tea and a few others.


There are no or enough studies that have proven how much alcohol can be drunk during pregnancy. Try to have a no-contact relationship between you and alcohol, for sure.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy will directly affect the baby through the placenta, which can lead to risks.

Energy Drinks

Do not even think about having carbonated drinks during this time. Remember, energy drinks and babies will never mix in a relationship.


Say No To Amusement Parks

The term amusement park might amuse you, but not your baby. Many rides will not allow pregnant ladies due to their sudden movements.

Let’s imagine having a ride on a roller coaster; the sudden twist and turns, sudden jerks, will make you nauseous at first. That will also affect the baby in the womb. So never give it a try to amusement parks.

Heavy Lifting

Being a pregnant woman is not an easy task to do. You’re already stronger by carrying a baby inside your womb. But this is not the right time to lift heavy things; that doesn’t make you weaker.

You can pick things by not bending your knees or your hips too. Leave the heavy lifting with your friends or family.

Tattoo or Piercings

Pregnancy makes you much more sensitive to infections, tattoos and piercings. So avoid taking tattoos or piercings during pregnancy time. In addition, many antibiotics are avoidable when you’re pregnant. So cleaning the infection could become a significant problem.


Flying while pregnant is entirely acceptable, but flying near the end of your third trimester, sorry, not allowed. Do you want to enjoy your babymoon and post-Instagram-friendly pictures of your dream? Make it before your baby bump.

Schedule your trips accordingly because no one will go awe to giving birth above 1000s of meters away from the land. Do not take risks of going into labor if something goes wrong.

Heavy Workouts Which You’re Not Aware Of

It is okay to work out during your pregnancy time. When you’re pregnant, most doctors advise you to continue your fitness routines with modifications where needed. But that doesn’t allow you to perform something you’ve never done before.

And it’s best to avoid contact sports to avoid injuring yourself and the bump. Ensure you’re not overheating yourself, and stay mindful of balancing your activities. Consult with your physician about the activities which are safer for your pregnancy.


There are certain medications which are very harmful during pregnancy time. Physicians will be sure by saying this term. If your pain is not tolerable or has crossed the limit, you can take it with supervision or consult your physician.

Cough & cold medicines and painkiller medicines must be avoided entirely during pregnancy. This may lead to miscarriage or affect fetal’s development.

Medications To Avoid:
  • Pain killer medicines like Aspirin, ibuprofen
  • Cough and cold medicines that has guaifenesin
  • Thalidomide
  • Acne medicines
  • Minerals, regular vitamins and amino acids

Certain cosmetic or skincare ingredients will put you in danger by using them constantly. Retinol and hyaluronic acid lovers must stop using these things for their benefit; these ingredients are found to have complications and irregularities in pregnancy.

Acne concerns ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and many others must be out of the game. So it’s time to put some rest on skincare when you’re pregnant.

Beauty Ingredients To Avoid:
  • Essential oils
  • Retinoids
  • Salicylic acid
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Avoid using sunscreen (if it is a natural one, then it is okay)
  • Parabens
Closure Thoughts

Have you carefully read about all the don’ts you’re not allowed to do? Stay there!

This above list will lift you to feel empowered; saying a firm no can do marvels for both physical and mental health. So stay strong, and don’t be terrified to ask for help.

Pregnant women can carry on with most of their typical activities as long as they take some necessary precautions. However, it would be better to check with a doctor about restricted activities during pregnancy.

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